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The Meaning of Self- Reliance

 No one wants to be tied down by something or to someone. Everyone wants to feel a sense of worth. Self reliance means that you have personal independence that is gained through your own efforts at the level of your own abilities. You believe you can do things for yourself such as earning your own income to sustain yourself through the skills you have and  things you can do. You take responsibility of yourself.  Unavailability of opportunities, our background, where we come from and the level of knowledge we have, stops us from being able to access our own personal independence. SSB facilitates access to opportunities and facilitates development programmes that support you to through practical experience and learning to overcome and manage challenges in order to become self reliant. Do you want to become self reliant? Its easy just complete the form on our Contact Us page

We facilitate a variety of programmes which ensure, socio-economic development, a strengthened community involvement, strengthened youth development, awareness of self and awareness of economic and development opportunities.

We facilitate educational and skills development programmes, technical and vocational programmes for disadvantaged groups as well as family, community and personal development. We facilitate job opportunities as well as small to medium enterprise development. SSB is currently running the Orbit Development Programme (ODP), a conduit facilitation between the breaking of disabling elements and the availing of opportunities . To become a part of it please contact us. You can learn to become. SSB facilitates access to opportunity and helps you to become self-reliant .