Skills Development

Skills development and empowerment of people has increasingly become a great need across the world today. While being at the center of development, resource constraints are a major challenge in establishing and meeting the demand for improvement and development of people in order to curb poverty and boost the economy.

In 2012 the government of South Africa identified unemployment as a national priority that needs to be urgently addressed. One of the issues mentioned was the high rise of youth unemployment in our communities. Many people are disadvantaged. They do not have access to resources, funding and opportunities to improve their lives. Many interventions are needed that focus on the improvement of our communities and people’s lives. These interventions will also assist in the drive to effectively incorporate entities such as labour, economic, community and employment environments. Sedibeng Sa Bophelo is launching Orbit Development Programme as an intervention in our disadvantaged communities and; as a contribution to the national priority task of reducing unemployment and poverty through sustainable empowerContent Elementsment.  

About Us

Sedibeng Sa Bophelo is a registered non- profit organisation. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to improve and develop their own life. We believe in human rights for all. We also believe in economic development opportunities for all and want everyone to have a sustainable self-reliant lifestyle. Our organisation is founded upon the principle of human development. We facilitate a holistic culture of education, skills development, personal and social development.  Our organisation works with a diverse people and believes in equal accommodation. We aim to restore human dignity, create independence and contribute effectively to economic development.